The overall objective of the YEAP! project is to instil a spirit of (social) entrepreneurship among young people – through initiative-taking, building confidence calculated risk-taking and creativity. By placing the needs of young people at its centre, the project is developing a set of activities and a variety of methodological approaches to support their integration into the labour market either as self-employed people or as entrepreneurs.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Identify and apply elements to formulate an effective customised learning approach that will become the YEAP! Flexible Learning Pathway – one that can strengthen the entrepreneurial quality and motivation of youth.
  • Promote high-quality youth work by developing:
    1.  Guidelines for trainers/youth workers on how to involve young people in an entrepreneurship-based learning pathway that is focused on developing entrepreneurial mind-sets
    2. A Toolbox especially customised to address their needs including practices that enable the use of their multiple talents to become entrepreneurs
    3. A Business Idea Assessment Guide for aspiring young entrepreneurs to select and formulate the right type of entrepreneurial activity
    4. Open and innovative e-tools to put entrepreneurial ideas into practice, by formulating a sustainable business start-up venture and/or for building high growth businesses that deliver social and environmental returns