What is the main challenge for the young population of the European Union (EU)? The answer commonly given in reply is “unemployment”. The economic crisis and its impact on the labour market have put a large number of young Europeans at risk of social exclusion. Since 2011, two-thirds of EU countries recorded an increase in long-term youth unemployment for those aged 25-29. The largest increases were registered in Greece (+86.8%) and Cyprus (+313.6%.)

Encouraging entrepreneurship is particularly important as part of the approach needed to tackle these alarmingly high youth unemployment rates in most of the EU Member States. For many years, the development of the entrepreneurial capacity of European citizens and organisations has been one of the key EU policy goals.

This situation has called for and brought together project partners from across Europe to design, develop and implement “Youth Entrepreneurship Advanced Pathway” (YEAP!).

The YEAP! project aspires not only to contribute to shaping the mind-sets of young people but also to provide knowledge, skills and competences that are crucial to the development of an entrepreneurial culture. It aspires to do so through an innovative, individualised learning pathway.

How does the YEAP! project achieve its goals?

  • By implementing innovative activities that foster the development and assessment of entrepreneurial skills promoted by using them every day.
  • By developing new approaches to strengthen education and training pathways for prospective young entrepreneurs
  • By promoting the engagement of youth workers.